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Many of our more technical members may remember the excitement when VisiCalc was introduced in 1979 as the first computer spreadsheet program. The first version ran on an Apple computer; an IBM PC version followed in 1981. I recall being one of the first users of a spreadsheet in my company at that time - it was installed on a DEC Rainbow computer, which in today's terms would not have had enough power to even start most programs. However, the excitement was sufficient to bring a stream of people to my office to see the walls bedecked with printouts showing how the calculations worked.

VisiCalc was never patented by its authors and was quickly overtaken by the hugely successful Lotus 1-2-3, which reigned supreme until Microsoft introduced Excel and included it in the MS Office suite.

In many cases, access to a spreadsheet application was the reason why many people bought their first PC. However, in our experience, very few users ever go beyond the basic features and therefore never get the full value from the application. Let's hope this section of the website helps you to get to grips with the basics then encourages you to explore some of the more sophisticated uses.

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