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The Work Menu: a very useful feature PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bernie Vincent   
Sunday, 12 November 2006
If you have documents that you use regularly, then you could create a Shortcut from the desktop.
Alternatively, try this:
First of all, you need to add the Work menu icon to your toolbar in Word.
1. On the TOOLS menu, click CUSTOMIZE, and then click the COMMANDS tab.
2. In the CATEGORIES box, click BUILT-IN MENUS.
3. Click WORK in the COMMANDS box (the one on the right) and, while holding the left mouse button down, drag it to anywhere on the toolbar at the top of your screen. Release the mouse button to leave the WORK icon on the toolbar.
You can now add your favourite documents to the list.
Open the document in the normal way and then click on the WORK icon. Then click ADD TO WORK MENU.
Close the document, then reopen it by clicking on the WORK icon and select the document.
To remove a document from the list, you do the following:
1. Press the CTRL and ALT keys (bottom left of the keyboard) and hold them down with the fingers of one hand, and at the same time press the dash key (-). The cursor then appears as a dark underscore line.
2. Click on the WORK icon and then click on the document that you want to remove. (This does not delete the document, only the reference in the list.)
If you have any problems with this procedure, just post a question in the forum.
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