About Wrinklies Website
Written by Bernie Vincent   
Wednesday, 06 December 2006

Here are some of the questions that we have been asked by users:
What is the purpose of this website?
Wrinklies is an online support and resource base for the over 50s - or younger people who feel more comfortable learning with us!

Must I register?
You can see a lot of the website without registering, but you will not be able to post questions or make comments on articles. Furthermore, we have to guard against the idiots who post inappropriate messages - we will immediately ban any user who violates our posting guidelines.

Do you charge a subscription?
We don't charge an annual subscription for Ordinary membership.
Who is behind Wrinklies?
Wrinklies is owned by Bernie Vincent, who has had over 40 years experience of trying to get IT people to understand the needs of the user - and users to understand that there is no point in having lots of facilities without learning how to use them.
What are the rules for using this website?

Our wish that Wrinklies becomes a community of people who are seeking help and are prepared to help others. There is a 'Guidelines for Use' document and a formal Legal Notice - these are in the About Wrinklies section or use the Search facility to find them.
What is an Expert Member? 
Expert Members are people who have particular skills and the time to help us to build this community. An article on Expert Members can be found in the About Wrinklies section.
Does the site comply with Accessibility Options?
The site is built to comply with the Double-A conformance standard of the W3C-WAI Content Accessibility guidelines. To view the site in different formats just go to the View/Text Size buttons at the top of your browser and select the size that suits you. 

Cookie information for this website

Cookies are small files containing strings of characters, stored on your computer by websites you visit. This website uses Session Cookies to make sure your use of the site isn't mixed up with anyone else's. The cookie contains no personal information about you, doesn't identify you personally in any way, and is necessary for the site's operation.

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